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Why why why why WHY?!

November 13, 2009

This is the first of many posts for this fine chunk of the Internet.  This is a forum for free discussion on something we hold very dear, our beloved Dodgers.  As I sit here and type this, it’s been over 20 years since the Dodgers last won anything substantial.  We had the playoff monkey jump off our backs when Jose Lima broke the Curse and won a playoff game – bless he and his robustly shaped wife for that (God bless her and her parts), and for the past two year we’ve won more games and flirted with the World Series.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Then why, you ask, would there need to be a place on the Internet called Dodger Therapy?  Therapy from what?

If any of you are like us, you’ve experienced a rollercoaster of emotions over the past 20 plus years, with many more than a few downs during that time.  If you’re anything like us, you’ve been teased, groped, hustled, conned, sweet talked and lied to, and yet, like in any abusive relationship, keep coming back for more.  Why?  Because we’re Dodger fans.  I assume most teams’ sports fans have similar angst with their team, ask any Cubs fan, for example, but I’m not a Cubs fan, and I’m not in Chicago, so I could care less.  My frustration, and need for intense Dodger psychotherapy has to do with what the Dodgers have done to me.  Yes, done to me.

Casual fans are excited if Manny hits a home run and Frank McCourt stands in front of cameras with a smart looking blue blazer with gold buttons saying, “I’ll do anything it takes to bring a winner to Los Angeles.  Los Angeles fans deserve a winner!”  Yeah, yeah, screw that crap, we’ve been sold a bill of goods.  Since we’ve been more than patient the past couple DECADES (!!), it’s in our right to say what the hell needs to be said.  That’s why Dodger Therapy exists, and hopefully you will come along for the ride, enjoy our viewpoints, or at least understand a viewpoint perhaps different than what you’ve thought about before.  You may, for instance, be one of those people who looks at Dodger baseball as a way to pass the time until Kobe and the Lakers start up.  Well, not us.  We could care less about that crap – we’re diehard fans who respect the team’s great history, can quote much of it to you, and who have beaten our heads against a wall for too many years, hoping, praying, needing for things to change.

This year things should have changed – they didn’t.  Nice season, amazing in fact, but nothing changed.  We’ll get into the details as we go on.  Suffice it to say this is a site we HAD to start.  Too many emails back and forth, too many visits to frustrating message boards, too many phone conversations late into the night, too much unstructured analysis, and frankly, too much honesty and brilliance (at least concerning this situation) to go unnoticed, and unshared.

Feel free to add your two cents.  We hope to open up some eyes and get a healthy dialogue going for fans who are as fed up as we are, and who need Dodger Therapy.  Our couch is on order from Ikea, so in the meantime, kick the tires, have a laugh, a cry, and please clean up after yourself when you leave.  And now, on with the therapy…

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