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November 14, 2009


Sir, that’s one well thought out post, but a few things are glaringly inaccurate in your writing, and worth noting. Perhaps it’s your way of “going rogue”, but I know for fact that Wes Parker was dating, or the fiance of Greg’s teacher, not her husband. I suspect Greg’s surging hormones and dreamy eyes put the kibosh on all that! Either that or Marcia scored Wes some coke. Did you know Maureen McCormick claims her nickname used to be Hoover, like the vacuum? True. Insert George W. Bush reference here.

Anyway, your initial opus sure touched all the points that bring pain to me as well. Lots to discuss here, and a perfect tablesetter of all our future conversations. I especially like the way you eloquently point out the problem with McCourt’s ownership (sorry Jamie, I’m using McCourt’s to only discuss Frank – you’re old news, sister). Frank crows a good game, but he’s had ample opportunity to prove it, and hasn’t.

His supporters, or the brainwashed masses you allude to in your comment about nouveau fans experiencing Stockholm Syndrome due to an influx of Moneyballitis, will point to massive contracts to Manny, and generous money to Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt and Juan Pierre as examples McCourt is our Steinbrenner. Not true. All you have to do is look around and see for yourself. A roster laden with inexpensive kids and bargain priced veterans, and a few expensive items. Well, if you say it like that, it sounds reasonable – but Fox, as you also mentioned (is there anything you didn’t mention?!), ponyed up serious scratch for a winner – though their motives, of course, were selfish. For years we’ve meandered someplace in the $100-115 mil area on payroll, while the big players have shot well past that and into absurd areas (see the Yankees).

As Dodger fans we’re supposed to understand McCourt isn’t the Steinbrenners, and we’re not even Boston, or the Mets. Afterall, MLB and Bud Selig put McCourt into the owner’s seat knowing at the time he didn’t have the cash flow to really own a large market team like the Dodgers. It took Fox to loan him the money to get it done. So we’re supposed to be happy with a good payroll, but no longer what serious large market teams put out. There’s no other explanation for why when CC Sabathia approached Ned last off-season and told him point blank, “I want to play for the Dodgers” that we didn’t sign him. Ask yourself, if you’re a doubting Thomas, what would either NY team, or Boston, do if CC came to them with this declaration.

The divorce is typical of the ridiculousness we fans have to face. While I can completely understand why neither Frank, nor Jamie, would want to look at one another anymore (I don’t want to look at either!), it’s quite convenient that this cash cow that is the LA Dodgers is now a championship contender, just needing that final push, and we’re sitting in idle as talk of this star or that going to other teams proliferates the geek talk. While no doubt Frank is fighting for his net worth right now, it’s perfect timing it happens during shopping season for Ned and his team. In true cynical fashion, I predict a mysterious reconciliation come March for Frank and Jamie – AFTER we missed every possible opportunity to get that pitching we need. Don’t fret, we might get Brett Tomko.

For the record, I’m being facetious, but if Frank and Jamie did get back together, I wouldn’t entirely be surprised.

At any rate, my point is it’s been a long time since Fox owned the Dodgers. Why is it that with such a great team, bustling attendance, increased ticket prices, increased parking fees, increased concession costs, increased merchandising costs, TV revenues, increased marketing and signage all over the stadium, revenue sharing, and on and on and on, our payroll is at the same point, or even less, than it was about a decade ago?

Is that really doing all it takes to field a winner, as Frank always claims? Or is it creating the perception of trying, trying enough to keep the masses appeased and complacent, while shoving pocketfuls of money into the vault? Jim Duquette was saying on XM this week something that sounded interesting. He said that roughly for each 100k in attendance, an owner makes a million. Well, figure out then how much the Dodgers make then. It’s all silly money, to be sure, but if you have a horse that is almost across the finish line, give the sucker some good oats. We somehow can’t afford an ace? If that’s the case, then McCourt should be asked to sell the team, especially in light of his marital problems. Of course ethical Bud and the other owners wouldn’t think of that, as it’s “good for baseball” to have a charlatan as owner of large market LA. Strangely, no one feels the same when it comes to spending on the East side of our country. Just LA.

At any rate, this is good stuff. I loved your opening scud – you hit it right on the head, so much to comment on. You’re a fine writer, and much more than a Chad Fonville, that’s for sure. You’re at least a Matt Luke, Roger Cedeno or pre-coaching, Jheri curled Mariano Duncan. Check your facts though when referencing the Brady Bunch though, that’s where I’ll take umbrage with you.

Hey, wait a minute… I looked at your post early, but it seems as if you changed “married” to “shacking up”. Boy, you ARE good!

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