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Love Hurts

November 19, 2009

You put me to shame DFNY.  Not just because you are a better writer than I am, but because you were right to gently chide me for laying on the negativity too thick.  I suppose I figured it ought to be obvious that we both love this team to an almost ridiculous extreme based on the sheer comic obsession evident in our writing.  But I suppose it really does need to be spelled out clearly – especially given the context of our conversation.  So I’m saying it loud and proud:  I love this God forsaken dysfunctional nightmare of a franchise – though often the love feels just a wee bit unrequited.

This brings me to a fairly obvious question – one I think we need to get at if this little therapy experiment is to take hold.  I think we need to ask ourselves why we bother to love this team?  Why do we tie so much of ourselves up in the fortunes of a bunch of strangers who simply have a talent (on most days) for  playing baseball?

Jerry Seinfeld famously remarked that since players changed teams so often after free agency, fans were essentially reduced to rooting “for laundry”.  But even as he had the insight to make that observation, the guy clearly remains a baseball fan. Clearly there is an element of cognitive dissonance involved in baseball fandom.  And being a Dodger fan would seem to require outright psychosis of some kind – unless you only go to do the wave and play with the beach ball.

Given the above – can you offer any explanation for my inability to extend that  cognitive dissonance one step further? Why can’t I convince myself that the folks that own the Dodgers cares as much about championships as I do?  Why does my love for this team so often seem tragicomic? I know how I was seduced, but what I don’t ger is how I stay seduced.  Bitter as I am, why do I continue to line up for more?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.  Can you shed some light?


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  1. Dodger Fan in NY
    November 19, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    I think some sort of psychosis is most certainly at the heart of this, and I do have a fondness for laundry (crisp and pressed, preferably). I will say that since the McCourt era has begun, especially during the S&M DePodesta phase, my love has been waning. It’s sad, since the current team, with Torre and Bowa, Mattingly, etc., is as respectable as we’ve been since our heyday in the 70’s. Damn you, McCourt, Bud Selig, and all the owners who put a Botox’d phony (Holden Caulfield would agree) in charge of our beloved Dodgers. More to come.

  2. Dodger Fan In Brooklyn
    November 19, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    I think our love for this organization is due to NOSTALGIA. All those long summers rooting for this team, win or lose we always saw players with HEART. I had to watch Steve Sax hustle down the line even though they would be 15 games behind, when our best players were named Lenny Harris, Mike Sharperson, Stan Javier and Willie Randolph…

    The Fox, DePo years brought players that were despicable on and off the field, IE Gary Sheffield, Milton Bradley, Jeff Kent…

    Presently, there are no players I can actually claim to hate. I am hoping for better years to come, but sadly, McCourt has ruined this team. A family of four can’t afford to go to Dodger Stadium and this is from someone whose parents had season tickets. It would be cheaper back then to buy season tickets than to buy tickets to 5 games at Chavez Ravine, now a days…I hate you McCourt! Go Ned, Go Joe, Go Team…

  3. Dodger Fan in NY
    November 20, 2009 at 2:18 am

    Good point, Brooklyn. You’d think all these increased costs would make it possible for a team “this close” to add a starting pitcher. I also agree that nostalgia is the thing that keeps us coming back. Much like a battered spouse, we recall the good times and don’t leave. Sigh.

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