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We need a pitcher, not a belly itcher…

November 21, 2009

Sure DFNY.  Lets go ahead and talk about starting pitching.

Last night Yahoo’s Tim Brown reported the following via twitter:

Source: Dodgers and Blue Jays are discussing Halladay again. Looks like Anthopoulos is restarting the process of moving Doc.

Following four hours later with this tweet:

They’ve talked about Halladay trade, but source close to Blue Jays-Dodgers says deal, as of tonight, looks, “highly unlikely.”

I hate to be a fatalist, but I suspect that might have been the most exciting four hours we Dodger fans will see this offseason.

Look – maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Frank McCourt will figure out that he stands to make a lot more money with a real championship calibre team than a pretend championship calibre team.  Maybe.  But I’m not so sure.

As it stands, my strong suspicion is that all of this will come down to  Ned Colletti’s ability to work miracles.  I think he will once again be held to a budget that will force him to rob Peter in order to  beef up Paul.  So unless some team comes forward with the pitching version of Manny Ramirez – a malcontent they deem toxic enough to pay their way out of town – Ned is gonna have to pull something from the bottom of the pack.

One way he could potentially do it is to shop K-Mart for every other need.  Perhaps manning second base with Blake DeWitt or a Jamey Carroll type and filling in the bench with warm bodies.  Then he could walk into McCourt’s office and point out all of the money coming off of the books this season and try and get permission to make one big splash for a starting pitcher.  DFNY – you mentioned that you did not understand letting Wolf and Garland walk,  but perhaps Ned was anticipating his need to go this direction when he made that decision.

This is probably the best case scenario for this season.

More likely Ned will be forced to do the same thing all of his counterparts are doing – trawling the free agent and trade market for bargains.  Generally this manifests in one of two ways:

1) Finding talent that is undervalued by the entire baseball establishment. – a great trick if you can pull it.   I could give a list of guys that I think fit this bill, but I’d be full of shit.


2) Signing high risk/high reward guys. –  There are always a few.  This year’s crop includes Rich Harden and Ben Sheets.  Not a bad idea if you can do so cheaply, but realistically a championship team does this to fill the bottom of it’s rotation, not the top.  Besides – a lot of teams will be going this route, so even damaged goods like these guys will not come cheap.

The option I did not include was trading for a guy that a smaller market team can no longer afford.  This would be the smart thing to do, but it would require investment in something other than real estate.  Think McCourt has the stomach?  If so, we ought to be all over Josh Johnson.  I  hope in the end, we are.

I wish I could believe otherwise, but I envision the end of this story having us signing a former ace like Randy Johnson or John Smoltz and then engaging in some kind of experiment in mass myopia as Dodger nation tells itself that Kershaw/Bills/Kuroda/Old Guy might just possibly go all the way.

Ugh.  Still bitter.  I’m not sure talking it out is working.

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  1. Dodger Fan in NY
    November 22, 2009 at 2:16 am

    First off, I LOVE that photo. Brilliant. A post about Ned is most definitely in order – the manliest GM we’ve had since Al Campanis (apologies to Dan Evans who I admire quite a bit, but a soft voice and pink shirts?).

    Anyway, I think the off-season will be VERY exciting. In order to maintain the illusion, we WILL be very active this winter. Well, active enough to pretend we’re major players for every big name out there. Of course signing or trading for any of these folks is strictly verboten.

    Get me Josh Johnson, or at least Edwin Jackson and retain or replace a few veteran bench guys and I’ll buy in for another year of sleight of hand.

  2. Dodger Fan in NY
    November 22, 2009 at 2:56 am

    Oh, and I know you like Sheets and Harden, but imo if we don’t add legitimate, healthy arms, we’re sunk. We’re in no position to add injury risks to the staff, unless they’re 5th or 6th spot options. We need guys who will take the ball every fifth day and give us some semblance of a quality start.

    Letting Wolf and Garland go, while obviously for monetary reasons (sigh!) isn’t helpful for fielding a quality rotation in 2010 UNLESS we replace them with even better, and just as healthy, options. In other words, we’re probably S.O.L.

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