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Shit or Get off the Pot

December 14, 2009

It has been almost two weeks since my last post.  I hadn’t intended to go so long, but it appears that my inactivity was perfectly in keeping with the current Dodger zeitgeist.  What can be said about a winter meeting in which the pursuit of Jeff Weaver is the biggest rumor?

But the issue here isn’t fan boredom or the simply the lack of big signings and juicy rumors.  If only it were.  Nope – we’ve been down that road before and usually I’ve been the guy preaching patience.  I don’t generally want to see an exciting offseason so much as I’d like to see a well-executed offseason.  What thrills me is seeing the Dodger’s GM come in with a plan and execute it.

Unless that plan is all about standing pat when a championship is just inches from our grasp.

As I sit here typing this, it literally sickens me.  Lord knows, though DFNY and I have only just begun to recount our version of the Dodger experience, we’ve certainly already touched upon a pretty long list of hurt, betrayals and letdowns.  Much of it has been told with a bit of tongue in cheek and a flair for the dramatic as we certainly recognize that in the scheme of things, baseball is just a game.

But it is a game that millions of us invest ourselves in.  It becomes entwined in our personal histories.  It becomes a part of our lives.   We fill the stands night after night, buy the overpriced food and the overpriced jerseys.  Some even name their kids after a favorite player or perhaps even have their remains kept in an urn with their team’s logo.

So yes, we are invested.  And I am not being dramatic when I ask if it is too much to ask for the people who have taken on the trust of owning our team to invest themselves in the game too?  What other goal is there besides a championship?

I’m not sure what it is from Frank McCourt’s perspective, but it appears to be about financial restraint as much as anything.  Now financial restraint is admirable I suppose, but nobody spends eternity in an urn with their accountant’s logo on it.  We want to celebrate a world series.

Here is a little factoid for you:  Guess where the Los Angeles Dodgers ranked in overall payroll last year?  Somewhere near the top of the pile, right?

How does ninth strike you?

Less than the Houston Astros.  Less then the Orange County Angels of Disneyland.

So when you read a story wherein Ned Colletti denies that his budget has gone down, and then he brags that it might even go up this year – ask yourself if “might” is actually good enough.  

Hey Ned, not sure if you recall, but the Dodgers were in the NLCS two years running.  Both times we fell short because our team did not quite stack up to the Phillies.  Both times the Phillies walked away determined to improve themselves .  Ned, I get that you feel you have to mouth the company line now that you are officially our biggest free agent signing for the year, but tell me with a straight face that we are not realistically one pitcher away from catching the Phillies.  And we might increase payroll?  Are you fucking kidding me you swarthy moustached bastard?

Meanwhile all appearances are that we are not even doing that much.  None of our free agents were offered arbitration.  Our best starting pitcher was allowed to sign elsewhere as a free agent – and we won’t even get a draft pick as compensation.  In the paper every day we read about how we are not a match for any of the big name free agents or trade targets.

Perhaps this is just a ruse and we’re really laying in wait – soon to pounce on the big kill.  Fine by me if the big kill actually comes.  But if this offseason plays out as it appears right now, it will be the single biggest sin in the hisory of this franchise – worse than every other betrayal we’ve catalogued in this space combined.  If our ownership fails to make a legitimate run at a World Series this year, we the living fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers owe it to the souls of every poor bastard stuck for the rest of time in a blue and white urn to boycott the living hell out of this team.

Shit or get off the pot Frank.  Either make a legitimate effort to win or sell the team to someone who will.  If not, be prepared to be run out of town.

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  1. Dodger Fan in NY
    December 14, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Good stuff, Bitter.

    A big part of a GM’s job seems to be making excuses for the team’s owner, but in Ned’s case, he better be careful – such loyalty might see him fired sooner, rather than later. He can ask DePo how that goes.

    The last time a GM (albeit with relish) carried out a McCourt mandate, the GM was the one sacrificed so the masses wouldn’t storm the castle and ask for the owner’s blood. It would seem Ned is being set up for patsy-hood.

    Ned’s terse response when questioned at the winter meetings about how apparently toothless he is, and how poor the Dodgers are, was telling. He said that there are rumors out there by writers and “baseball people” that he can’t sign anyone beyond a year, and below market value at that. Ned said this was absurd and he could sign the right players beyond one year. He even went so far as to challenge anyone who thought otherwise to come to his room and tell him that to his face. haha, shades of the Sheriff fighting fans in SD?

    This is a clusterf*ck of epic proportion. Our payroll dropped to $70 million and while we need to ante up for the Kemps and Ethiers of the world, we’re also looking to drop payroll, such as Campanella Award winner Juan Pierre. While you can argue that makes sense for a variety of reasons, we all know the real purpose.

    The McCourts do not have money to spend to maintain and more, fund a championship team. The team being 9th in payroll is telling. When the McCourts came in as owners one of the big rumors of why MLB would let charlatans like these come into a big market like LA when they obviously didn’t have the wherewithall to buy such a team was that they intended to have a payroll in the $65 million/SF Giants area. The McCourts quickly tried to squelch that rumor, but look where we are now.

    Hell, even the Giants discuss getting players! We’re not even mentioned as a suitor for anyone. And think about this – IF we somehow put together a package of prospects to get Roy Halladay, and it’s possible, given our talent on the farm, would that shut this argument up? Nope, not if it meant not getting another pitcher and other pieces we need. All it would mean to me is we took Wolf, Padilla, Garland, Hudson, perhaps Pierre, etc. and turned all that money into a one year rental of Halladay. You KNOW we’d never sign Halladay beyond 2010, right?

    So just know, Ned, and Frank, we’re watching you, and paying close attention to all of this madness. What’s going on now is worse than what Fox did to us – we’re actually ready to win NOW, we weren’t then. Shame, shame, shame on you.

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