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Random venom

September 9, 2010

I posted this as a comment on an LA Times Dodgers blog where they were talking about how our outfield went from all-powerful to wimpy in less than a full season. I figured it was a good time to blast the real culprits here – enjoy…


Well, I blame McCourt for all of this, and Bud Selig and the other owners who approved the Dodgers sale more. This has been a debacle thanks to the McCourts. The farm system was loaded when McCourt took over, and he put very little money into the product on the field. Any owner with a team making it to the championship series two years in a row – due to the farm system mostly, not McCourt, who lowered payroll – would invest the necessary money to get over that final hurdle, win a championship, maybe two, three? Not our owner.

McCourt didn’t invest anything all winter and our big winter signing was gunshot victim Padilla and journeyman middle infielder Jamey Carroll. Lots of chest beating and “I’ll do whatever it takes to put a winner on the field!” A lot of baloney.

I stopped going to games. My friends stopped going to games. Now, sadly, the good people of LA who want to see the Dodgers out of love, or because their companies gave them the free tickets, are to blame. Anyone giving the McCourts a dime are enabling this trainwreck. I love the Dodgers, always have, but I will watch from afar, for free, via radio or TV. I will not buy tickets, pay for parking, buy concessions, hats, jerseys, nothing. Not until Frank McCourt and Ann Coulter, err, Jamie, are out. They squandered our TIME. This was our time. Years of penny-pinching and waiting, promises of our drafts and our super prospects. Well, many of them arrived, and delivered. Where are the great players, pitching too!, to augment them and help us win some championships?

The McCourts are pond scum, and Bud Selig – he of the cool new statue outside the Brewers park, not to mention steroid scandals, tainted record books, and handing one of the crown jewels of MLB, the Dodgers, over to a fraud in order to appease Fox and ensure a steady cash flow from their TV deal into his and owners pockets – is worse. We were screwed over, lied to, and our loyalty and belief in all things Dodger blue used against us. McCourt showing old Jackie Robinson videos on Diamond Vision, having Vinny narrate such tributes – bs! What does Boston botox boy Frank McCourt know about the Dodgers and our team’s tradition? Nothing.

Frank McCourt and his crypt keeper wife have passed Donald T. and Georgia as the most despicable owners in LA sports history. If you look down to the farm, the prospects are mostly dried up. A few gems remain, but not that many. The next owner (Mark Cuban?!) will need to invest, and invest heavily to really take this team to where it needs to be. Let’s hope Kevin Malone doesn’t come back as GM, because we all know buying yourself a contender isn’t as easy as it looks.

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