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Response to T.J. Simers’ column today…

August 26, 2012


T.J., your columns on McCourt were appreciated, as was your early relentless attack on the various lies the new owners were pushing out to us, but now, join the love. This is an amazing time in the Dodgers history – so much so Vin Scully reupped for another year. Let it go.

People might easily point to us buying a winner, etc., which on the surface is very true. Here’s the difference…

1) The team was neglected so badly under McCourt it was missing several key pieces – necessitating any responsible owner to take action. So, adding pieces of high quality isn’t unusual. This leads to the second point…

2) Previous owner also neglected the farm. The crown jewels mostly made it to the bigs – those were from previous regime. McCourt, save for Zach Lee, inexplicably let the farm dry up. These big moves, plus international signings like Puig, and strong June drafts like we just had, buy the farm several years to catch up. The pressure is off during this restocking.

I am appreciative of all of this and do not believe in a second we are the Yankees of the West. This was a short term, albeit massive, overhaul that serves our needs now and for the next several years.
Besides – we did our winter shopping now, on our terms, as opposed to waiting for the hot stove. News to the cash-laden Red Sox, nothing out there to buy. Greinke, possibly, but unless you want a guy with terrible baggage like Josh Hamilton, there is NO talent to find. The following season’s FA crop about as bad.

So… I wholly support these moves. You should too.


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