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Gut the Farm for This? A Stand Against Idiots Disguised as Fans

July 23, 2014


By and large the world is probably at its zenith of stupidity. It’s around us everywhere, just watch the news. From politicians to kids taking selfies outside of Auschwitz, the Kardashians, Bieber, Miley, Donald Sterling, idiots going to sporting events and hurting other people, and on and on it goes. It continues with baseball, especially how it’s tied to the Internet. Twitter and all other social media outlets give everyone a voice. It helps share information worth sharing, as well as moronic thoughts and various hatred. I am a long-suffering Dodgers fan, which is how Dodger Therapy came to be, but as I’ve uncovered along this journey, there is a great divide amongst people who share the same interest I do. I always could understand having a disagreement with a Giants fan, but should there be such a chasm between fans rooting for the same team? It’s a research paper waiting to happen, but I don’t have time for it just now. I will say that my TL is blowing up as the July 31st trade deadline comes and the Dodgers lose a game here and there. The reason for this is Internet immediacy that causes people to check their phones every 2 seconds and share whatever pops into their head. They may like the Dodgers, but they don’t really understand how it all works. Some of them, of course, not all. And obviously, we all have the right to our opinions. Here is mine…

I will make this short. The Dodgers are a big, overpriced team (the term used loosely) with a lot of obvious problems. Their expensive players are overpaid and not very good. Their defense isn’t consistent. Their bullpen is problematic. Their rotation was fine, now dinged up. They don’t hit in the clutch. They have three blue chip prospects (maybe a few more) and they’re either not ready or blocked by expensive players on the big league roster. They have bad defense at shortstop and the same in center. Their best prospect is Joc Pederson, tearing up AAA and playing centerfield, but they have too many millionaires in front of him. The only solution is to trade some millionaires, trade Joc, or wait. Fans, who I don’t identify with at all, want to win now (somewhat understandably) and are willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Thank goodness these people are not in the Dodgers front office.

In my opinion, the Dodgers could immediately help themselves by moving millionaires (plus cash) for bullpen help, and perhaps other pieces of usefulness. They could promote Joc for centerfield and solve the defensive question mark there and likely greatly improve the offense. They could play one of Arruebarrena, Guerrero or Rojas at shortstop and get something nice for Hanley, who likely will not – and should not – be re-signed. They could call up a few live arms from the system and remove stinkers like Perez, Wilson and Maholm – or at least Perez and Maholm. They could recognize Scott Van Slyke is a very good outfielder and potent bat and play him most every day and not waste that offense 6 days out of the week. In effect, the parts are already on hand to make the team better now and in the playoffs, without touching the precious few prospects Stan Kasten has supposedly been trying to cultivate.

The fans who want David Price or whatever big star they hear is available are not getting the bigger picture – in this case, reality. The Dodgers have MANY issues, not just the sudden need for 1-2 more starters. Those who complain the Dodgers are wasting Kershaw and Greinke by not going all in are misguided to think trading the future to try to patch this pricey, lumbering wreck is the answer. Joc Pederson looks to be a very good two-way player and just what the Dodgers need in the outfield. If they deal him for a pitcher, who plays center? If they deal Corey Seager, they will be reliving the Paul Konerko mishap Lasorda made. If they deal Julio Urias, they could be missing Fernandomania part 2. I have no problem moving the prospects below these three to help fill in the gaps. I do think, as I stated already, the parts are here already and just need to be moved around. No doubt it will be challenging to move some expensive duds currently on the big league roster, but Guggenheim is flush with cash after the TV debacle with TWC, so it’s either eat some money now or put up with this nonsense for 3-5 more years. At some point the situations will need to be dealt with, why not begin now when a rare prospect is screaming for his chance to solve the centerfield void?

As folks who read my articles and follow my tweets know, I am honest. If you are on the wrong side of my point I wish you all the best but you’re clueless when it comes to what building a winner is. This team was patched together by grabbing up bad contracts to buy time for the kids. The kids are in the very near future. If you prefer to deal those gems for this, then you’re wrong. This isn’t a Dan Evans team that was fundamentally sound, playing Gold Glove caliber defense and just needed one more big bat. This team has a myriad of leaks and question marks and while it can be tweaked to win, it’s no guarantee the way it’s run now. Adding David Price will not solve the defense. It will not solve centerfield. It will not make Matt Kemp hit and steal bases. It will not make the hitters smarter and more consistent. It will not stop the fire the bullpen’s been. All it will do is add one more big name starter at the cost of the farm. If Price could be had for a slew of second tier guys, go for it. But it won’t happen. The As just dealt one of the best prospects in the game for pitching not nearly as good as Price. I’m sorry; I can’t sign off on that. As a Dodgers fan, I’d be horrified if Kasten went this route.

For anyone offended by my honesty, I urge you to unfollow me. I have offended idiots before and take glee in it. Smart fans, baseball fans, get what I’m saying. The delusional and those who think Bryan Stow “got what he deserved” have a problem with me. That I wear as a badge of honor.

  1. July 23, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Good one and exactly correct.

  2. July 24, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Love the blog and totally agree. 90% of the world is idiots and maybe 99% of Dodger fans. This team is paying for overpaying. Dodgers should basically short sell Kemp and Ethier. Trade Hanley before he breaks down completely. Get bullpen help and focus on pitching and defense. That’s what wins championships.

    So frustrating when the pieces are there, but idiots are putting them in the wrong place.

    Bleeding blue more and more each day


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