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You won’t have Dodger Therapy to kick around anymore…

September 11, 2014


Long form, here I come!

I have decided that the world isn’t ready for my honesty. That is to say the Dodger fans that proliferate the Internet and stands, rooting for players to dance in the clubhouse and on the field, cheer for bubble machines and bobble heads, take selfies at games rather than pay attention to the action in front of them, etc., do not appreciate what I have to say. The ones that get it, get me, and do appreciate frank honesty and hopefully a dose of common sense, are the minority. Nowadays intelligent conversation – baseball, politics, or other – is a lost art. Clueless ranting, everyone marching to the beat of the same drummer, affirmation, etc. is all that matters today. You can thank the Internet for this.

Anyway, it seems pointless to upset people who go to Twitter and other places to have likeminded people line up in agreement with them and try to change the way they consider things. It’s taxing for me and angering to others. I don’t mind getting slammed – I actually look at it as a badge of honor. If I can make some moron upset, I’ve done good. That said, it’s not a positive experience saying pretty obvious things and being questioned as to why I think that way every other tweet – or perhaps every single tweet.

For old-timers like myself, there used to be a time when baseball message boards were a way to meet fellow baseball and Dodgers fans and analyze and discuss viewpoints about the game, the structure of the team, individual players and more. That became the land of trolls, however, and Moneyball egotists who naturally assumed they knew more than everyone else because well, it was in the book! took over. Those back and forth flame wars grew wearisome and then Twitter emerged. Imagine, a place where you had to get your idea across in 140 characters – brilliant! But… it’s awfully hard to make well thought out points in such few words, not to mention context – a new follower doesn’t get sarcasm or have frame of reference for past points.

All season long – even before – last season, all winter – I mentioned what I see as obvious deficiencies with the Dodgers. Those of you who have read my posts here and on Twitter understand, whether you agree or not. In a nutshell, this is a stopgap team meant to ingratiate the new owners to long-suffering Dodgers fans. More, it’s a star-studded assembly of known names and faces, not so much a team. The idea was to spend, oh sure, to buy time for the farm, but also to ensure fans came back to the park and spent their hard earned dollars. Well, by that measurement, Stan Kasten did well. Fans come for every giveaway and cream their jeans over the latest bobble head – who wouldn’t want Magic Johnson playing basketball as a Dodgers bobble head? Or Babe Ruth as a Brooklyn coach? (cue eye rolling)

Whether you agree or not, the Dodgers are a ragtag collection of highly paid mercenaries that don’t fit well together, due to their individual skills not complementing one another’s, or their egos not all fitting into Dodger Stadium at the same time. The only thing that works is the three highly paid starting pitchers who have made the record better than it should be, and a few misc. parts – Dee Gordon, A-Gone, Kenley at times, Uribe, etc. Mostly this mess isn’t that great and yet the fans all cheer wildly and hiss anyone not in love with this placeholder group. Anyway, good luck in October with a troubling, inconsistent offense and horrendous defense as well as fundamentals. Remember Game Six in St. Louis? Yes, that meltdown. Well, you may see it again.

Mine is not to upset, my purpose with Dodger Therapy was a place for fellow abused fans to commiserate and talk shop. I think the idea is right, but the forum is wrong. Too many idiots are on Twitter, at best not smart baseball fans. That’s ok, the idiots are the majority in all walks of American life now, so I just had to realize I was the square peg that didn’t fit. I wish all of you much happiness, with selfies, photos of some pseudo celebrity making a face with your not so witty “I’m like all…” and in your mind you’re laughing, but trust me, we’re not. Enjoy the Dodgers as they are, win or lose. Get giddy and jump up and down on the furniture over Puig and Hanley dancing to the bubble machine, or Kemp flexing his tatted up arms as he collects another $20M plus. We are all fans of the Dodgers, we just have different ideas of what that means and how baseball should be played.

I will probably use my blog from time to time to comment on things comment-worthy, but I am going to par down the Twitter chatter. Just not worth muting and blocking people I find to be as dumb as anyone on a reality show. And likewise, I wouldn’t want to have to make morons like that think, because that’s not what the Internet and their cellphones are for. As I end here, imagine your favorite (or least favorite) Viennese doctor looking constipated and me commenting… “I’m like all…”

Have a great rest of your summer, fall and winter.

  1. September 11, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Hang in there. I’ve received criticism for my blog, but sticking to their convictions is what writers do. I think you and I have to face the fact that the average baseball fan has been dumbed-down; the mentality of the football fan has taken over. Great blog by the way, I think you make great points.

  2. Ms. Royleen A White
    September 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    I will miss your intelligent commentary. Keep writing blog posts. Take care of yourself.

  3. September 13, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Brilliant! Correct! And right on! Keep up the good fight and keep the couch open.
    You dear friend are a true BASEBALL fan!

  4. RKTElliotts3
    September 15, 2014 at 5:42 am

    Bummed you won’t be around as much. enjoyed your insights. now I’m stuck with constant pics of Gap-styled Kemp and the drooling. Come back soon!

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