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Yay, 6 games on TV! Who give a shit?!

September 23, 2014

MLB: SEP 07 Diamondbacks at Dodgers

Random thoughts, in lieu of Twitter psychosis…

TWC putting the final 6 games on KDOC doesn’t impress me. They hold the city hostage all season and I’m supposed to think they’re good guys for “letting us” watch the final week on TV? Every other commercial is for them, and they even had Vin selling his soul by saying how wonderful they are before the game. I love Vin more than anything in life, but Vin also said McCourt was a gentleman – he can be gotten to. Keep your games, TWC, I will never switch.

The Kemp love by everyone from lookalike 18-24 brunette fans and closeted gay men to Buster Olney is funny. What a great half he’s had – could be a great story, could be something else. Suspicious how he’s gone from a pace of 13 homers and 45 RBI to chasing A-Gone for the team lead in production. I want to believe everyone in the bigs is legit – I say thoroughly test every player for anything in their system that shouldn’t be and let us know the games we watch are legit. It will never happen though – too much money. The NBA is dirty, the NFL is really dirty and MLB has long been dirty. Perhaps the NHL isn’t – and lo and behold, the Kings just around the corner. And on TV too!

While on Kemp… all the smug idiots who keep referring to fans rightfully concerned with Kemp’s 2+ year snooze as “haters” need to get a life. This is the same player who had his agent daily demanding a trade mid-season. If fans didn’t have a right to criticize a guy whose own team and manager thought he was phoning it in, and who himself wanted out, who can we criticize?

While A-Gone is the heart of the team’s offense, I admire the jobs done by Dee and Uribe. Dee reinvented himself and has become the best leadoff man around and a solid defender to boot, and Uribe has gone from a reliable .255 hitter to a .310 hitter who plays Gold Glove defense. Amazing! That infield, once Hanley finally moves on (thank goodness for his hot September, now he’ll have suitors!), will be something to behold.

Bubble machines and selfies aside, teams don’t win without solid defense in the post-season. Dodgers better become more consistently good than consistently bad or mediocre if they want to go far.

Which team will show up in the post-season? The Dodgers who have hit the ball well this month and have scored runs in clumps, or the one who has been scored on in clumps with shaky starting pitching (beyond Opie Kershaw) and an abysmal bullpen?

Stan Kasten is an enigma. He’s had every opportunity to make changes this year and has resisted. It’s as if he has to pay out of pocket for plane fare when kids get called up. Paco making him look stupid for not using him more this year, as has Yimi Garcia. That pen is a mess, and if the post-season roster includes Wilson and Chris Perez, buckle up, it’s going to be a rocky ride.

Enjoy the final 6 games and hopefully a Western Division title. For those older than 22, winning the West isn’t good enough. You can tweet your love all you want, but $235M means you SHOULD expect to win the division and winning it isn’t a major accomplishment. It saddens me not only that fans don’t know much about baseball and judge teams by their asses and dance skills, but also how satisfied they are with nothing.

Oh for baseball pundits who actually spoke openly about the elephants in the middle of the proverbial room. How strange, unnatural accomplishments by sexy stars in SoCal and back East are not mentioned for fear of lost access to baseball locker rooms and pre-game buffets. As always, oh to shoot Vin up with truth serum, or be a close family member sitting around with him at the holidays, to hear what he really thinks of the modern stars, McCourt, bubble machines and the like. Alas, to dream.

Go Dodgers. You aren’t a good team, but you have familiar uniforms so I need to root for you.

  1. Freudy
    September 23, 2014 at 4:06 am

    Nope, I retired from the tweeter – too many idiots, not worth debating. them. You should reread my article. I never said Kemp is using anything. I said all MLB players should be given thorough drug tests so mysterious achievements out of the blue aren’t looked at oddly. You may be young, perhaps you don’t realize baseball has been an embarrassment due to Bud allowing players to cheat while at the same time retaining Pete Rose’s ban for damaging the “integrity of the game.” Baseball has been dirty since the 90s and anyone not in denial would be led to believe it’s not beyond the realm of possibility cheating still occurs. If it walks like a duck, logic tells us, it may just be a duck. Believe in whatever you choose – boogie man, ISIS, Kim K’s photos being hacked, but awesome achievement out of nowhere makes one wonder. Let’s hope all MLB players are good honest citizens, like their brothers in the NFL. Oh.

  2. September 23, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Bud had to know that people were on the juice. C’mon, Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs! I agree with you there, MLB turned a blind eye all the while acting sanctimonious. As far as I’m concerned Selig can suck a d@%& for trying to get the A’s out of Oakland.

  3. Freudy
    September 23, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Bud is a toxic asshole. He put McCourt into LA even though he had no money. Then when it became inconvenient due to the embarrassment, he was a “hero” and fought to get him out. Please. Morons forget everything. Like how when it is suspicious, it may be bogus, certainly worthy of a conversation. Now if you suggest the players who make Mickey Mantle look like a 98 pound weakling might be using, you’re a villain. Haha, please. And yes, Dodgers are not above the law. Look at LoDuca and Gagne. All I know is Kemp may be a sexy stud who makes women swoon, but I also know he was asleep for years, even when healthy. Now we’re supposed to believe he’s REALLY healthy! Haha, what is the definition of healthy? Game is dirty as fuck and baseball writers and TV talking heads will never say as much for fear of being blackballed.

  4. Chuy
    September 23, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    I like that you continue to talk about the things that others are afraid to even whisper about. The game is not clean and we all know that, ever since BALCO was shut down other clinics pop up and who knows how many of those clinics are out there.
    I will always be suspicious of players that continue to get better as they get older. It’s not wrong to be suspicious, especially when names keep surfacing in scandals like the one in Miami where Arod’s named and many others surfaced.
    I’ve also been a fan long enough to know that winning the division is good but until they win the world series I will not be popping the champagne.

  5. Freudy
    September 23, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Exactly. I can’t name names as I don’t know who is or isn’t using, but I suspect the game is far from clean. As you say, there are those who still play at superstar levels long after a player would normally have fallen off. The baseball media celebrates such achievements, even though we all went through several embarrassing scandals that are far worse than Pete Rose betting on his own team as a manager. All I know is baseball is over 100 years old now and it’s odd when larger players come around (even though it’s well known that increased muscle mass isn’t beneficial to baseball skills) and obliterate records that stood for a long time. I find it hard to believe today’s players are just that much better than Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, etc. Seems only a moron would buy that explanation. And with baseball not policing itself and the fans dancing to the strange achievements of the stars, it makes fans like you and I a bit sick to the stomach since we actually grew up respecting the game and the history of it. It’s funny that speaking up like this labels one a troublemaker or “hater”. Quite humorous. Like those who blame Ray Rice’s girlfriend/wife for the punch she got to the head.

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