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Fix this Fucker, Friedman

October 30, 2014


This is not about the World Series that the Giants just won, because I watched and/or listened to very little. This is about the nightmare that was 2014’s baseball season. Bud Selig’s last hurrah fittingly sucked, although I admit fully the two teams that just played 7 games were determined, fundamentally sound ball clubs. I think there were three errors in 7 games by both teams combined. That’s an average night for the Dodgers. I am just happy that this season is finally over and I dub it the darkest year yet in Dodgers history.

We’ve (I’ve) bemoaned ad nauseum about the past season so I will paint in broad strokes instead. With young Friedman the latest genius in charge, and the ouster of Logan White, the stage has been set for renewal. I am going to try to play the optimist, a role I rarely covet, and say I am of the belief anything Friedman does will be an improvement. That’s how bad I think things have gotten for the Dodgers.

Poor fundamentals, lack of focus, bad defense, no relief pitching, question marks in the rotation at times, a lack of trust for the farmhands, and now, another San Francisco Giants World Series. No longer can snarky Dodgers fans say it was a fluke, or luck. The Giants have proven that while they don’t have the most talented roster, they have the most focused and determined one. I have long said less is more. More millionaires and more big names does not mean more victories and more success. I have argued that the opposite is the case.

It seems in the pseudo post steroids era (cheating still happens, don’t get me wrong, but it’s selective and even allowed by MLB. Hopefully Bud’s leaving will change that and the game can become credible again), big money, celebrity laden rosters do not guarantee titles. Of course we knew this, as less star-studded Yankees teams did better than those with more box office clout. I am of the belief that Friedman knows this, coming from a respected small market team, and will trim the proverbial fat. Let Hanley Ramirez walk – to Houston, to New York, wherever. Let go of a few highly paid outfielders (three would be fine with me). Make sure your big game pitcher actually can win in big games – how is it that San Francisco’s third option just a few years ago is more money than Clayton Kershaw?

Add youthful legs and defense. Add grinders and lunch pail guys. And certainly add a manager who knows how to play chess, not checkers. I know its P.C. to say the Dodgers can’t sign Joe Maddon, but why the hell not? Do you honestly think Donnie can handle any roster? Even if the pieces were given him?

Substance over style, dirty uniforms over selfies and bubble dances. If you want bullshit like that, toil away on Instagram or follow the Kardashian/Jenners latest embarrassment. Baseball teams need to be balanced – just like in fantasy baseball. I mention this since everyone is a Sabermetrics genius nowadays and if you favor the math, you probably also love fantasy. In fantasy, balance is what wins your league – not loading up on home run hitters. You need average, wins, steals, runs scored, saves, ERA, the whole thing. The two teams you may or may not have watched play 7 games are balanced – the Royals even more than the Giants. The Giants won because of a hot pitcher (1988, anyone?) and a brighter manager. Experience and determination helped.

The Dodgers should not be afraid to break it up and get ballsy. Big trades, a reshuffling of the deck, anything it takes. They won the West, but they didn’t have a great season. And who the fuck cares? The games weren’t televised in almost 3/4 of the city anyway.

Letting Logan White go, or forcing him to is disturbing but I’m ok with it. I loved Logan White and his eye for talent is undeniable. That said, there’s an argument to be made that his finds oftentimes were incomplete players, or merely diamonds in the rough. Not a lot of them were tough baseball players, immune to the “pressure” of pitching in a fish bowl where music and movie stars might show up to any game. Something has happened to LA baseball players since the recent glory days of the 70s. Sure, Jay Johnstone and Steve Yeager banged Penthouse Pets, but they were ballplayers. Technology – Twitter, Instagram, etc., and the blending of fame and connection to ordinary people has made LA ballplayers soft. Ron Cey and Reggie Smith would not have been dancing to bubbles, and Joe Ferguson would not have been shaking his ass to pregame (!) musical acts.

Perhaps White leaving could be a good thing. Friedman, it would seem, understands the current mix isn’t great. I suspect Joc Pederson and young relievers will get their chance. Maybe expensive players sent elsewhere with cash for more prospects, and/or serviceable MLB players similar to what the Giants put out… i.e. not the best, but capable of rising to the occasion. Enough of a track record of production and history of not dancing to win.

Let it roll, Friedman. Do whatever you want. The Giants winning again is a painful, nay, sickening familiarity that needs to be addressed. The sinking began when O’Malley lost interest when his attempt to get a football team was rebuffed. 1988 was a fluke. Fox and Kevin Malone fucked things up. McCourt raided the coffers. DePodesta gave us embarrassment. Guggenheim and face of the organization Magic Johnson was supposed to be different. Some fans have been duped and ran back into the stadium. To me, there has been subtle changes but arguably more dismal results. No TV? What the fuck?!

The Giants and their (rightfully) cocky fans again hoisting that trophy is akin to rubbing moist piles of dog shit in Vin Scully’s face. Not winning with bad defense, a bad pen, and selfish, egotistical players is horrible. Seeing the Giants and their fans count their rings with this mini dynasty? May as well have ISIS behead us.

I am mad as hell and disgusted with the procession that has gone on since after the 1981 title – the end of the 70s era teams. There have been some nice moments since, even 1988’s title, but again, an anomaly. This shit has gone on long enough and just when you think it’s ended, another layer of pain appears. Seriously – how many World Series titles must we see the Giants win? The Dodgers have to stop talking, stop hiring expensive executives, stop being P.C. as it appears to “respecting Donnie” and massaging millionaire players’ egos and do something about it. I have outlined all of the things the Dodgers need to do to win in countless articles just like this. Kasten was supposed to be the guy, just like DePodesta was. Now it’s Friedman. Next it will be a pile of sperm. Younger and sexier doesn’t mean knowledgeable and capable. Put together a good Dodgers ball club asap. Start tomorrow. I want that hot stove fired up now. Throw lazy and overpaid pretty boys out into the street. Get guys who can field and play without being distracted by LA’s latest flavor. Enough is god damned enough. The Giants winning again should make everyone in the Dodgers organization vomit in unison. Get busy and fix this fucker, Friedman.

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