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Brett Anderson for $10M?!

December 16, 2014

Chicago Cubs v Colorado Rockies

In a nutshell…

Imagine if “dumb Ned” signed often-injured Brett Anderson to a $10M deal – while paying a healthier, less risky option (Dan Haren) $10M to go away? $20M (including Haren’s money) for a #5 starter and a too long (4 years), too expensive ($12M per) deal for the #4 (Brandon McCarthy). And let us not forget Hyun-Jin Ryu’s tender shoulder in the 3 slot. Could be quite a year for the Dodgers pitching staff.

Also, isn’t the idea of taking on injury risks paying them less? McCarthy, with his own injury past, and Anderson (only 1 season with over 19 starts), sounds like bad dealing to me. Sorry, if it were anyone but a “smart data guy” making these moves, fans would be livid.

Could all work out, but lots of risk at lots of money right now. LA payroll doesn’t appear to be shrinking, as Guggenheim had hoped, and it seems a good place for mediocre free-agents to come get rich.

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