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Matt Kemp – Hipper than We Thought

December 18, 2014


It would appear Matt Kemp has big dog problems – arthritic hips (why would an extremely fit 30 year old have two deteriorating hips? Hmm). One has to wonder if this kills the deal, which would be interesting (funny) to see what Andrew Friedman and company do with their celeb outfielder coming back to the fold (and losing out on such a GREAT catcher like Yasmani Grandal – 13th overall in pitch framing, people! 13th! Pitch framing!). You thought Kemp was a bad clubhouse influence before… imagine how he’d feel about being shipped out and have to return?

It could be that the Padres would be happier without an expensive diva outfielder; even with the $32M the Dodgers ludicrously plan to pay for the right to get a slow-moving PED using catcher in their lineup. Why? Since the deal was struck, recent uber prospect Wil Myers was acquired, and the Padres already had a full outfield before either deal. Maybe Kemp is less a priority since they bought low on Myers? Perhaps Friedman will sweeten the pot – pay off ALL of Kemp’s contract and throw in Julio Urias or Corey Seager as well. Don’t question it; you’re not smart enough! :p

At least Kemp’s latest agent, former utility man Junior Spivey, says all is well. That and a $5 will buy you either a Starbucks red cup or maybe a viewing of a Kardashian sex tape.

Oh, as the stomach churns in Dodgerland.

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