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The Cavalry is Coming?

May 10, 2016


A friend of mine shared one of the well-known Dodgers pundits on social media slamming fans for getting too high over Dodgers wins and too low over their losses. I agree with that; it’s something I have commented on for years. Baseball is a slow moving game, a 6-month marathon, in the midst of a culture of quick-fix personalities. Football is 16 games and hyped to the max, so fans feel a need to live and die for their team every Sunday. They bring that mentality to baseball, which lends itself to sitting in the sun, chewing sunflower seeds and talking about everything in the world but the game. Social media has easily exacerbated the problem.


Where this beloved pundit and I disagree is his next line that the Dodgers will be fine because they have all this great help coming. He points out to the rehab of guys like Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brandon McCarthy and Mike Bolsinger and the bullpen arm of Frankie Montas. To assume all of these guys will come back, without a hitch, and buoy the Dodgers sagging pitching rotation and bullpen is wishful thinking at best. Just to believe they will all make it back and contribute in any meaningful way is fairly ridiculous.


Of the four, Ryu is the best but let’s face it; damaged shoulders (as I’ve told you countless times in previous articles) are career killers. That his year off has been pushed to May or June is not a good sign. I love Ryu and would love to see him defeat the odds, but believing the current pitching woes of the Dodgers will be fixed immediately by Ryu isn’t likely.


McCarthy wasn’t very good when he was healthy, and if the other Brandon’s (Beachy) rehab is any yardstick, the Dodgers will be lucky to get anything serviceable out of McCarthy in 2016.


Bolsinger? A nice story last year (his upside apparently was a .500 record and ERA pushing 4) but he’s a career 7-12 with 4.23 ERA. Maybe an improvement over Alex Wood and Ross Stripling, perhaps even “#2 starter” Scott Kazmir and his near 6 ERA, but none of this is saying a lot.


That leaves Montas – a big hard thrower that of course could be intriguing, but he’s done nothing in the bigs and has trouble throwing strikes. Coming off an injury doesn’t help. To think a $236M Dodgers team is pinning its hopes on an unproven like Montas and the aforementioned injured starters is just sad.


Could some of these guys surprise and improve the team’s sorry pitching? I guess so. I love Ryu, like I said, so if anyone could, perhaps he might. But to think a badly damaged shoulder will just miraculously be healed and he will step in without question and dominate, well, that’s not likely. I wouldn’t bet on McCarthy being worth the $48M braindead Andrew Friedman gave him either and well, Bolsinger is just a guy.


It’s time to be honest and admit the Dodgers are not a very good team. I agree with this pundit – you shouldn’t get overly excited when they win and pull your hair out when they lose. Baseball runs from spring training in mid-February to the post-season in October. That is a long time. In a time of social media instant gratification and having access to ways to get your every thought out doesn’t help. Patience, grasshopper, patience.


The Dodgers will excite one night, look miserable the next and that bullpen will drive you to drink. The games are not on TV for most of the city and Vin Scully’s swan song is going unheard. If you are over the moon excited about this and the prospect that Brandon McCarthy will beat the odds Brandon Beachy did not, all the more power to you. I’d say you would be better off focusing on finals, getting ready for summer barbecues and beach outings, Marvel superhero movies and perhaps picking up a good book. This Dodgers team is mediocre. The brain trust, and I use that term ironically, concocted a roster full of garbage and extra pieces. The cavalry isn’t going to ride in and save the day. Rather than waiting for that to happen, pray for a mid-season trade, or, wait out this regime’s dying breaths. As Richard Crenna said in the first Rambo movie, “It’s over, Johnny. It’s over!”

  1. May 10, 2016 at 6:21 am

    A Richard Crenna quote! Great piece….and I agree with the football mentality. It’s tough to read any sort of baseball publication these days as fans are already throwing in the towel and/or asking for their manager’s head. It’s only May 9th for fucks sake!!

  2. Snider Fan
    May 10, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    When fans are reduced to looking to McCarthy for help, you know you’re in trouble. With the exception of Maeda, the front office has really screwed the pooch. A healthy Ryu would be a huge boost, but I’ll believe he’s coming back when I see him on the mound at Dodger Stadium. De Leon has a sore arm after his first start: looks like holding him out for a month to bulk him up was a swell idea.

    • Freudy
      May 10, 2016 at 5:15 pm

      Well, Maeda was definitely a nice addition but not exactly brilliant. I’ve hyped signing Japanese pitchers forever. They’re very smart generally, know how to pitch and Asian players tend to be more mature than Latin players (except for Venezuelans who are usually mature). I am leery on Maeda’s bad elbow and shoulder (double whammy) but won’t criticize Friedman for that. The only problem with Maeda is he’s asked to be the #2 when Dodgers should have had Greinke + Price or Zimmerman or some other good arm with Maeda solidifying the lower part of the rotation. I am a big Ryu fan but am being realistic – a screwed up shoulder is not a good thing. I wouldn’t count on any of these guys mentioned in the article as the saviors. As Gary says above, it’s just May – but so early to be concerned how shitty the pitching staff is sans Kershaw, Maeda and Kenley.

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