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The Fans’ Loyalty Should Not be Greater than the Owners’ Loyalty to Us

February 15, 2017 8 comments


Happy Valentine’s Day.


Tomorrow, the Dodgers begin the spring training portion of the 2017 season. Lots has been said of the Dodgers improvement, some true, some not, and many expect the boys in blue to be among the top handful of teams in baseball this season – largely based on their high payroll and “depth.”


Before I get into that, I do want to say what I have tweeted several times this week – the lack of TV across the LA market for a 4th season is shameful. The Dodgers have been passed around from one bad owner to another since Peter O’Malley decided to sell the team to Fox. At the time, we fans knew it was quite a change – going from mom and pop ownership to a greedy Rupert Murdoch run corporation that only was interested in baseball in order to start a local sports network. Little did we realize, however, how bad it would get.


It’s debatable to some whether the skullduggery of Frank and Jamie McCourt is worse than the Guggenheim Partners time as owners, I would say different. When “Hall of Fame commissioner” Bud Selig handed the keys to the Dodgers kingdom to a cash poor Boston parking lot attendant, we knew it wasn’t good. As the McCourts rode high on the hog and drove the franchise into embarrassment, bouncing checks to staff, including Vin Scully, and cheaping out on security until people’s lives were in danger, we ultimately rebelled. Now, with Magic Johnson’s smiling (now absent) kisser conning us into believing everything was ok again, we sit staring at our blank TV screens, or MeTV re-runs of “Hogan’s Heroes” instead of our LA baseball team.


I would say from Fox to the McCourts to Guggenheim, LA Dodgers fans have been passed from one bad guardian to another, much like the Baudelaire children in the “Unfortunate Events” books and Netflix episodes. None of them have/had Dodgers tradition at the core of their belief system – all have been in it for profit motives purely. Yet, through generations now, Dodgers fans infight and quarrel and flaunt loyalty ownership doesn’t have to them. It’s quite amazing, the level of love and Stockholm Syndrome displayed since O’Malley sailed off into the sunset.


To me, it’s easy. Greed + no TV coverage = you lose my loyalty. You want it back? Focus on our needs, and that includes games on TV. Stealing Vin Scully’s final years was a heinous act. Lest anyone think Guggenheim is in no way like the McCourt era, think about that. Consider it when you get an overload of Charlie Steiner.


We will never get back what was taken from us, and considering the misdirection of the overly bloated narcissistic front office, it makes it hard to forgive. All of my life, and prior, the Dodgers were a team known for strong pitching. Over the years there were good offensive teams, and bad ones. The pitching was always key. Look through the Dodgers record books and recall the names. Behind the greats were many good ones, and those who held the fort, eating innings and supplying consistency that always kept the Dodgers in the thick of the National League race.


I don’t recall, prior to this administration, such a dismissal of pitching. The Fangraphs lovers among you will point to cobbled together stats and suggest this is the best pitching staff in baseball. I may not understand numbers like you pretend to (by reading some nerd’s analysis), all I have to base my opinion on is many decades of following baseball and end results. A team, especially a Dodgers team, should be built around pitching – starting and relief. It seems an afterthought or a “ho-hum” to the collective geniuses that run the Dodgers.


So, if you put together no TV, no Vin and very little pitching, it’s hard for me to get overly excited. There’s a reality that says the rotation is three guys, all of whom have concerns. Clayton Kershaw may be the best pitcher in baseball but after years of carrying the burden of the team on his back, his back gave out. Backs can flare up at any time, and while Kershaw may be healthy all of 2017, his sudden vulnerability at least merits a conversation.


Rich Hill has resurrected his career from independent league hurler (like his fellow well paid staff mate Scott Kazmir), but he’s also an older pitcher who has spent a lot of time on disabled lists across baseball. To assume his “Koufax-like curve” can be counted on for a full season is perhaps a stretch. Then comes Kenta Maeda.


I liked the signing of Maeda, but then I like the signing of most Asian players. Maeda is a gamer with good stuff, but he’s also Japanese and their seasons are shorter than those in the bigs, so his eventual tiring in 2016 should have been expected. He was gassed the last quarter of the season and of course in October, when we all closed our eyes and crossed our fingers as he went to the hill. He is slight of frame and while he could improve on his stamina and continue to evolve, he could also at least be considered someone who may have a solid first half and then vanish after that.


The rest of the rotation is more worrisome than the top three. Julio Urias is a talent touted as another Pedro Martinez. He sure can look good, but he’s also 20 and his young arm is not ready for a full season’s workload. In fact, I’d say given the way he was pushed in 2016, due to Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi not considering reliable innings out of the rotation last year, he could even be a candidate for an injury due to overuse. I am not worried about Urias at the start of the season, but like Maeda, I am worried what happens as the year progresses. A baby pitcher should have his innings built up through the minors; Urias’ success and the front office’s desperation has rushed that timeline. Watching how they use him in 2017 should be interesting.


With Urias as the 4th starter (he should ideally be the 5th), it means a gaggle of curiosities will compete for the last spot. At this point most fans realize the signings of Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy were foolish ones by Friedman/Zaidi. They will compete with Hyun-Jin Ryu, former warrior with a shot shoulder, and assorted guys Friedman devotees will tell you are superstars in the making. No, they are just guys. The league is full of guys who fill roster spots, go up and down from the minors to the bigs and are not stars. Newsflash – not everyone who comes up through the Dodgers system will be a star. And another newsflash – every team has “depth” – it’s called a 40-man roster and minor league system. Living, breathing humans do not “depth” make.


For these reasons, the Dodgers rotation does not impress me. It’s possible they will have a decent first half, enabling Friedman/Zaidi to make a July deal for the 2nd half, but I’d argue, given what we see from most of their deals, and the fact the beef in the rotation should already have been added, who cares? As of today, the rotation is not ready for Oct play, which begs the question: “What have Friedman/Zaidi fixed since taking over?” I’d argue the deficiency the team had was the Oct part of the equation – that one more piece or two that could get the Dodgers over the hump. They already were making the playoffs for years. That isn’t enough. Friedman/Zaidi tinker, like mad scientists, but with the April through September part of the team, which, like I said, was in good enough shape before.


Friedman/Zaidi and their disciples would tell you it’s all about the regular season; the playoffs are all luck and a total crapshoot. That’s what Billy Beane has said, and the Moneyball record of World Series titles would bear that out. Small market executives, like Beane, like Friedman, like Zaidi, think like this because they must. They are traditionally hampered by lack of resources, financial most specifically, and need to assume getting to the dance is good enough. Perhaps, once in the post-season, they get lucky – it happens. Just not to Moneyball teams.


Guggenheim must have had their reasons for hiring Moneyball types to run the Dodgers – either hoping to save some money they could put into their own pockets (that’s not working, Friedman and Zaidi spend like gold-diggers out on the town), or because they were tipped off that the game has gone data and whiz kids who are all Ivy League are the ones you want in charge. I’m not dismissing data, it’s important (I recall loving Ross Porter’s constant stats that drove fans insane), but it doesn’t seem to apply to the work being done by Friedman, Zaidi and their crowded front office team.


Friedman inherited a windfall. He got a playoff team with a new rich ownership group and ripe farm system. A smarter man would have added the missing parts – perhaps a 3rd starter better than Brett Anderson – in order to go deeper into Oct. Instead, much like Paul DePodesta before them, a lot of tinkering, convoluted, needlessly complicated trades, signings of Cubans, reliance on unimpressive and often injured pitchers (overpaid), and other factors have led the team to no more Oct ready than before. I’d add, taking the long way around the mountain, creating needless busywork to get there.


At some point, perhaps luck will roll the Dodgers way and they will win. There IS talent on the roster. Some of the prospects in particular, holdovers from Ned Colletti and Logan White, look like this generation’s great Dodgers – Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias and Cody Bellinger, to name a few.


I just have no idea why fans continue to believe in a front office that shuffles pieces around, wastes money, skimps on money (hard to do both at the same time) and is rebuilding the regular season part of the team that was already a playoff contender, rather than the post-season part, which was the obvious weakness.


I chock it up to youth – easy to say, as I am old. I think baseball fans are not as diehard as they used to be, and youth comes with lack of perspective. As you get older, not only do you have to sometimes wake up in the night to pee, but you gain wisdom. As Louis C.K. famously mused in one of his routines, just by virtue of being on the planet longer than a young person, you generally come to know more. A young fan has the right idea – love their team, no matter what, but without a frame of reference, it’s easy to not really know what the fuck you are talking about. I have been young, and now I am old. Believe me, I know more now than I did when I was young.


I won’t even go into depth about the bullpen that was not improved at all over 2016, or the 2 guys for every position approach in the lineup that could work – if rosters are expanded to 35. A new season is upon is, so don’t let me burst your bubble. I will say, perhaps don’t be gullible. Keep your eyes open and your head up. Call “bullshit” when you see it. And yes, you should be very angry that for a 4th season, games are not on TV across all of Los Angeles. I would suggest you don’t pay for games, or McCourt’s expensive parking. If they won’t televise the games, listen on the radio, or just read the box scores the next day. If they don’t care enough about you, you shouldn’t care so much about them. Guggenheim is in it for the money, just as Fox and the McCourts were. The team has not been to the World Series since 1988, and that was a fluke. The rot had set in after the 1981 championship and the greats from the 70s teams moved on.


We are owed more than this. The fans’ loyalty should not be greater than the owners’ loyalty to us. Bickering on Twitter can be amusing, but it does not hold the owners accountable. Demand more and if they don’t give it, consider what else you want from life. Maybe it’s going to the beach, catching the latest superhero movie in the theater or just spending more time with family and friends. For me, if a group of smarties can’t figure out your rotation needs reliable innings and your bullpen should be several guys deep at the back, you don’t deserve my respect. If the games aren’t even available to watch, why should I care?


Here’s to another season of Dodgers baseball. Let’s see what happens. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.


Clayton, Kemp, Martin, Hanley, Kapler and more

November 14, 2014 2 comments


Hit and run items…

Bully for Clayton Kershaw for winning another Cy Young and even an MVP. I can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed as a Dodgers fan as I listen to MLB Network Radio pick it apart. I think we all recall how he collapses when it matters. Anyway, enjoy the hardware… Bumgarner is enjoying his rings.

Reports that the multi-executive brain trust in the Dodgers front office is moving fast and furious to deal one or more outfielders is encouraging. As these things go, fans crying to keep Kemp, especially since he had a big second half. Fans make terrible investors – they only want to sell low and buy high. While logic is they peddle Andre Ethier to Baltimore for another bad contract looking to move such as Ubaldo Jimenez, it makes more sense to move Matt Kemp. Why? You get more for him. I would also suggest the Dodgers party boy attitude emanates most strongly from Hanley and Kemp and if both are gone in 2015, perhaps a makeover in personality would actually take. Not to mention, dear devotees of all things sexy – the Dodgers have proven they can’t win with the guys they have, so…

Now it’s said Miami may spend $300M to retain their super stud outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, for 10 years. I’m a firm believer in not caring about owners’ wallets, but these big contacts are not wise investments. They handicap teams immediately and down the road and there’s no way the Fish would not regret the signing – likely within a few years of Stanton scrawling his name on the paperwork. In today’s era of you never know what you’re getting, long-term deals for hitters, as well as pitchers, almost exclusively benefits the players – not the team or the fans. It’s simply too much money and simply too many years. I’d ask for a drug test a day before I signed anyone to anything like that, and then have an MRI to see what the player’s heart looks like. Too frequently players phone it in after getting a mountain of money, and while amazing, Stanton does like to take modeling photos like another outfielder we all know. I’d say no, but knowing the Fish, they’ll say yes. And regret it.

Kudos to Mike Trout for winning hardware today as well. I hope he celebrates by buying some new clothes – his old ones apparently have stretched out necks. LA(ish) owns regular season baseball with the Dodgers and Halos both representing. And both So Cal teams got to watch the No Cal team hoist the trophy. Winning the division isn’t enough, folks. As in other sports, the post-season is when things get real. Right now the two teams located in the general LA area are posers.

The blue are looking at old friend, and old enemy Russell Martin to solve their catching woes. I guess it’s a good thing seeing as AJ is getting older and more beat up – though he was one of the few guys who showed up to play in Oct and you could argue two leg injuries pretty much fucked up his 2014 season. That said, I was always a Martin fan – until he got hurt and acted like a little shit. His physical limitations caused Jonathan Broxton to stay with the fastball, as it was too hard for Martin and his bad hips to catch the slider. The result was Broxton getting hammered and losing his confidence. Martin also balked when the Dodgers insulted him by offering $5-6M for him to play himself back in shape – at third base. Talk about a team guy! Players love to collect their fat checks, but if their game suffers due to injury or any other reason, they still want to be treated like kings. Martin’s stats dropped substantially his last two seasons in blue – he became a .250 hitter with little power. He followed that up with three years in NY and Pittsburgh with poor batting average but a return of his power stroke. Last year he played for his contract and had a nice year, reminiscent of his Dodgers prime. Now what Martin would the Dodgers be getting? I’ve heard he wants 5 years and $75-80M. I’ve already stated my objections with long-term deals above. The Dodgers have to get away from paying each player on the roster a king’s ransom. It’s time to mix in cheaper options – hungry kids and experienced journeymen. It’s not my money, and it won’t affect me in the least at the gate as I don’t go to games, but I’d be wary before I compounded the Dodgers payroll bloat by adding Russell Martin. Not a bad upgrade, but I still remember his pissy attitude as his Dodgers career ended and how he went from a blue collar catcher to a guy more interested in his outfits (and underwear posing – see photo above) and sculpted facial hair. I guess if Kemp is moved, the girls can have someone to swoon over. So there’s that.

Forget Cuba. I know every player who defects from Cuba is compared to some MLB great or the current Cuban star du jour, but I hope the Dodgers cool it on the Cuban recruiting. I love international signings, but until we see more complete, smart baseball players coming out of Cuba, I’d focus elsewhere. I think the problem is that most of these players are so young, so raw, and so inexperienced; they’re really more like talented high school or young college players than polished gems. I’m of the opinion the more complete players who have experience under their belts and smarts are in Japan and Venezuela. Talent is everywhere around the globe, but it just seems too often when Cuba is mentioned, dopey MLB pundits swoon. Let some other team pay for a toolsy guy who’s working on his game at the major league level – the Dodgers should be focusing on evolved skills and something between the ears.

It appears the Dodgers will let Hanley Ramirez walk, presumably to Seattle. Good riddance. Having made a qualifying offer, they’ll get a draft pick, which beats re-signing the prima donna shortstop to a fat contract. It would have been better to deal Hanley for blue chips last season in between his various stints on the DL, but as the Dodgers front office saw Hanley as the 2013 Hanley who was the catalyst for the Dodgers offense, that didn’t happen. It will be interesting to see what Hanley does at the next stop. I love how he’s saying how he’ll do whatever it takes, and play anywhere on the diamond as he just wants to win. MLB pundits lauding him for this selflessness. Please. Hanley is a petulant baby who had to play shortstop and I sense as soon as he gets settled in the next town, he’ll grouse again. I blame Donnie for this – he was the one who took his newly acquired Miami Marlins third baseman and moved him to short. I chuckled heartily though the other day when I heard the Tigers were considering Hanley – for left field. Good luck with that.

It’s said the new Dodgers brain trust is thinking of acquiring a veteran shortstop to fill the Hanley spot (the White Sox Alexei Ramirez was one name mentioned), as opposed to the bodies on hand. I guess that’s ok but it makes me wonder why the team signed Erisbel Arruebarrena and Alex Guerrero last off-season. Arruebarrena was known for great glove work and suspect hitting, and Guerrero for hitting but perhaps weak defense. Of course there’s journeyman Miguel Rojas, but he’s no long-term answer as an everyday shortstop. Why were Arruebarrena and Guerrero must-have items, yet not a real consideration when Hanley may finally be out of the picture? I guess you can say old leadership vs. new leadership, though Stan Kasten was around last year when the signings were made.

I’ll end this little nightmare with a comment about Gabe Kapler (not the Welcome Back, Kotter star) coming on as another front office piece – a big muckety muck in the scouting/farm arena. Anyone else think this is an odd signing? I guess anything is possible and at one time unorthodox Mickey Hatcher as a batting coach seemed strange, but Kapler went from being a muscle head jock to a commentator for some reason and now a talent evaluator. I’m open for anything since the current is so shitty, but I’m curious how Logan White leaves and Kapler is the answer. I guess he’s young and the new youth-obsessed management base of the Dodgers like that. Kapler might have hidden talents but seems as strange a signing as Kasten/Friedman hired one of the kids in One Direction.

I urge baseball fans to enjoy the action as the hot stove league has been heating up earlier and earlier in recent years. Let’s hope for a pleasant Thanksgiving and some reason to get excited about the coming season. As I’ve reiterated over and over, while I don’t “like” all the executives and weird direction the Dodgers are going, I welcome anything remotely different than the status quo. The bubble dancing and selfies makes me ill and I’m frankly nauseated by seeing the Giants win every other year. Change is needed and I’d prefer a more professional, less glamorous Dodgers to the star STUDded bunch the women and repressed men are in love with. Call me an old curmudgeon; I’m that, and more. I’ll look at the trending photos of Kim K’s airbrushed monster ass and oiled up front like anyone else in the know, but I’ll be damned if I want my Dodgers subjecting us to more nonsense.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

P.S. I apologize for the photo, which is more than your next team “leader”, Russell Martin, would.