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McCourt’s thievery continues…

July 10, 2010 Comments off

While no one really cares, including the contributors to this blog, that Frank McCourt continues to make a mockery out of the Dodgers. As the Texas Rangers snake Cliff Lee for the second half, and the Yankees surely will counter with Roy Oswalt, or some other huge acquisition, the Dodgers pretend to be looking around at trade offers. Wanna bet our big addition is Kevin Millwood, or Carlos Zambrano?

Let’s face it, Ned Colletti is toothless, doing whatever he’s told to do, or nothing, even if he wants to. One of the aforementioned over-the-hill or plain psychotic additions will cost us a Dee Gordon, or something similar, and will it improve things? The Dodgers are as likely as anyone to take the NL title, since the Phillies have regressed, and just as likely to miss the playoffs altogether. Honestly – in a year where there are no powerhouses in the NL and one of four or five AL teams are likely to win it all, we can’t catch the punchless Padres? The very fact that we aren’t ten games ahead now with a powerful team primed to take on one of those AL giants is nauseating. To Frank McCourt, he has bigger fish to fry.

I’ve been to the stadium and looked on during televised games and I rarely see Frank McCourt’s smug little face anymore. Does he attend the games? I was at Jackie Robinson Night earlier this season, sitting close, and McCourt was sitting on the field as friends and admirers of Jackie spoke – Frank wearing a $5,000 suit and pink dress shirt. Once the game began, Frank went to his seat and disappeared after one inning.

Yesterday I read a nice story of what Frank McCourt is doing with his summer vacation. He’s not trying to improve the team – no, he’s pocketing the loot, as always. He’s not allowing Ned Colletti to do whatever it takes to add a bigtime pitcher to a blossoming Clayton Kershaw, so the Dodgers can make tracks in the NL West and steam into the playoffs primed to take on the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers or Twins. No, he’s up to his old tricks, stealing money and bamboozling the good people of Los Angeles.

Frank McCourt’s using the “Dodger Dream Foundation” to fulfill the dreams of he and his cronies, using the charity to line their own pockets. The article is at the end of this entry, PLEASE READ IT.

I wonder what it will take for people to notice? LA is a laid back town. As long as the Lakers are winning, Phil’s coming back and the marine layer clears up, it’s all good. Besides, to the layman fan the Dodgers are now, what, two games out of first? That’s terrific! Uh, two games out of first as the All-Star break is here, and two games behind the SAN DIEGO PADRES (!!!) is nothing to be proud of (no matter how surprisingly well the underpowered Padres may be playing). As long as the Dodgers are able to appear competitive, and Joe Torre and his coaches can keep the ragtag gang looking like a contender, no one will complain.

Our only hope, it would appear, is if the IRS takes an interest in Frank McCourt’s escapades. The fans of Los Angeles will come out in droves and do the wave, sit in Mannywood and rock out to the between innings music blaring over the sound system. For the first time in my life I’m hoping the IRS comes a calling. Frank McCourt needs to be put away – not just removed as the Dodgers owner, but actually incarcerated for the crimes he’s committing. If you’re thinking, “That seems a little harsh… just because he didn’t add Cliff Lee?”, well, he also hasn’t paid taxes since coming to Los Angeles, and as I pay taxes every paycheck, that pisses me off. Here’s to big government throwing the pink shirted dandy behind bars where he belongs!

P.S. The All-Star game and hoopla Bud has created sucks. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the game, nor should you. As long as the fans are voting (sorry, fans and dangling chad lovers everywhere), the game does not “count”. If Bud and MLB wanted to really turn up the heat for this bore, they’d have the people who know best vote for the rosters – players and coaches. The fans could participate, as they do now, by voting for the last reserve spot. With the actual best players, and most deserving players, from each league competing, and the prize being the home-field advantage in the World Series, maybe then this interruption in baseball flow would matter. As it is it doesn’t, and the players standing around with camcorders, laughing and half-assing it on the field, proves it. Bud sucks, and so does the All-Star game.

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